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Hannah Maria is an Artist, Designer and Traveler.

Her paintings and illustrations

are full of vividly bold and

whimsical colors.

Deeply inspired by her years

spent traveling the country in

her RV, her pieces are a

unique mix of storytelling, wildlife, and nature.


My Story

Hannah Maria is an Artist, and Graphic Designer with a traveling soul. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Hannah has been creating art since the moment she figured out she could make her own colors and leave her mark on every blank wall that called to her.  Her artwork is a celebration of stories, emotions, nature, and the mythologies we create within ourselves.

Hannah began traveling in an RV full time in 2015 and for the next 5 years had the opportunity to travel to the gems of our country, meet new people and have so many weird experiences they had been to documented through her artwork. Her paintings and Copic Ink creations are full of vivid colors, distinct linework and a focus on the whimsical and bold. 


The series of "Winnie Adventures" and "Soul Swirls" are inspired by her years on the road in her RV, traveling the country with her two dogs. As 2020 began and the country headed into the full swing of Pandemic, Hannah decided to stay in Texas, especially in the Tomball area she found herself visiting often through the years. She's made a home for her and her work. 

As a Freelance Artist and Graphic Designer, she has been able to incorporate both her design skills and hone her artwork. Her clients span the country and are passionate about their projects and businesses and that makes creating for them a gift. She is most proud that many of them are female entrepreneurs trying to create positive change in their communities. 

You can find Hannah Maria working out of Hampton Inn and Suites Tomball, where she also has her work on display throughout the lobby and breakfast area.  Her "Moon Goddess Series" are at home on the walls of Jamaa Birth Village in Ferguson, Missouri and many other pieces have found their places through the years. She is very excited to find a new home for the Tomball community to see and purchase her work in DaVinci Artists Gallery. ​

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