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With the pride and spirit of a gypsy, yet the reliability of a Swiss Army Knife, Hannah Maria is the name you didn't know your company needed so badly on speed dial. While she travels in her Minnie Winnie (Winnebago) across the country with her two dogs and highly treasured Spotify daily mix, Hannah seems to bend space and time to make your designs come to life and sent to your inbox well before your deadline.

Hannah's graphic design work is of the highest caliber while diving into the essence of what you aim to project as a company, sole proprietor or simply a quick piece for a single use. Heavily inspired by her family, friends and the nature of the desert west, her uniquely abstract paintings and illustrations possess a soul you have not yet had the pleasure of connecting with. Professional etiquette and a nurturing tone in her work energy, Hannah Maria is THE artist you want to help grow your brand.


a bit about me: